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Global Pet Relocation
Paperwork Solutions

0x Cargo Pet Relocation is dedicated to ensuring your pets' well-being during their international travels. By collaborating with veterinary clinics, we guarantee that your furry companions surpass all health requirements, ensuring a safe and comfortable journey.

Whether you utilize our full-service door-to-door pet relocation or opt for our export documentation consultation services, our primary concern is your pet's safety and health.

0x Cargo's Global Pet Relocation Paperwork Solutions include

Pet Health Advice

This service involves a thorough review and communication of the health requirements and regulations for pets traveling to a particular destination.


Review of Vaccinations Records

 A detailed review of the pet’s vaccination history and any necessary treatments ensures compliance with destination-specific health regulations. To ensure that you don't get delayed by an overzealous customs officer, we sometimes have to be overzealous with this step. 


Health Certificates

Pre-completion of the correct health certificate(s) required for entry to be sent to your veterinarian for review and convenience in advance of the health exam.


Pre-paid Shipping Labels

Providing pre-paid shipping labels simplifies the process for the USDA to send endorsed items back to the pet owner.


USDA Endorsement Fees

Coverage of USDA endorsement fees involves including the costs associated with obtaining the necessary endorsement from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) for required documents.

Our Tiered Pricing Structure

• $600 for the European Union, Central and South America

• $700 for the United Kingdom, Russia, and Ukraine

• $800 for African and Asian destinations

• $1500 for Australia and New Zealand

0x cargo pet relocation goes above and beyond in ensuring your pets’ well-being and compliance with international travel regulations. Your peace of mind is our priority throughout every stage of the pet relocation process.

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