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Crate Preparation and Checklist

Pet Travel Crate Preparation Checklist


Pack enough food to last your pet 2-3 days in a sealed bag (e.g., Ziplock). Clearly label the bag with feeding instructions using a permanent marker or sticker (e.g., "1 cup 2x per day").


You can include soft toys for your pet, but do not include any hard toys/bones or toys made of rope/stringy material which may unravel and become a binding or suffocation hazard.

Feeding Instructions

We recommend keeping the same feeding schedule unless that results in a pooping schedule a couple of hours after flying. It’ll be uncomfortable to hold it in for the rest of the flight.

Comfort Items

Include bedding like a towel/sweater from home to provide familiar comfort. Ensure that it's doesn't take up too much space in the travel crate to cause your pet to be uncomfortable

Leash and Collar

Send a leash and collar with your dog (not necessary for cats). This will help any handlers who may need to move your dog. i.e. walking.

Other Items

You should show us/the airline any other items you might want to bring such as brushes, a sentimental toy etc so we can offer you advise on if and how to pack it.


Only bring veterinarian-prescribed medication. Place it in a Ziplock bag with clear instructions for use. Note that sedatives that would render your pet unresponsive to stimuli or hinder its motor skills is NOT allowed.

Health Documents

Bring all original health paperwork including rabies certificates, other required vaccinations and tests reports and prepare a copy for yourself and for us. The originals must travel together with your pet.

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Crate Preparation

If you are using your own crate, set it up according to the instructions provided here. You do not need to label or tape anything to the crate; we will handle that at check-in.

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