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Magnum Pet Travel Crates

The Magnum Pet Travel Crates have arrived in the United States.

Pet Travel Crate
Magnum Pet Travel Crate

Sized between the popular Petmate SkyKennel/VariKennel Giant and the Petmate SkyKennel/ VariKennel Extra Large, the Magnum Pet Travel Crate fits the previously unfortunate pet that's just a little tall but not necessarily that much lengthier.

(X.large 40x25x27" on Left, Magnum Crate 45x27x34" in Middle, Giant 48x32x35" on Right)

IATA approved design

Written from the perspective of a pet transporter who's used and handled many different brands of travel crates, kennels and carriers, it's our pride and professional opinion to share that the Magnum crate fulfils all IATA Live Animal Regulations (LAR) Requirements. While some airlines do have stricter conditions, we haven't encountered any issues with its use thus far.

Build Quality.

No cost was skimped with regards to the material of the doors and windows. Rather than just drilling holes into the side of the crate for ventilation, the use of the mesh-type grills means much better ventilation as well as airflow for your pet. They are as big as they can get while still maintaining the sturdiness of the overall travel crate.

More spacious than you'd think

Though the Petmate SkyKennel Giant is overall taller than the Magnum externally, the slight bulge on the top of the Magnum Travel Crate means that it has an internal height / space of 83cm, similar to the 83cm of the Petmate SkyKennel Giant due to the latter's dented top.


External Dimensions

Internal Dimensions

Petmate SkyKennel X.large (P500)

102cm L x 69cm W x 76cm H

93cm L x 62cm W x 72cm H

Magnum Kennel

115cm L x 69cm W x 85cm H

107cm L x 62cm W x 83cm H

Petmate SkyKennel Giant (P700)

122cm L x 81cm W x 88cm H

113cm L x 74cm W x 83cm H

Now available in the US. Southern Los Angeles pet owners and their pets can come and see it in person. We'll appreciate if you drop us an email or call us + 1 323-814-8006. You're very welcome to bring your pet down to test various crates to determine the most appropriate sizing at our office (6524 8th Ave, Los Angeles CA, 90043) during office hours (or give us a call to see if we're available after hours).


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