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0xCargo coordinates with your doctor for pet travel paperwork and health certificates.

Prior to almost every visit, we'll reconfirm your appointment for you and ensure

  1. the doctor knows what your pet needs during the appointment

  2. provide the doctor a number to call to ask any travel-related questions

  3. the doctor has all the necessary supporting documents he/she need and do not need to spend time asking other hospitals for them and reverifying them.

    1. All supporting documents are verified and formatted for easy upload/submission to USDA (this is part of our full service).

  4. A draft of the health certificate will also be prepared for the doctor, ensuring there would be no errors cause by misunderstandings as to the names and addresses of the consignor and consignee.

On the other hand, in ensuring our clients do not have to pay unnecessarily for things they could possibly do themselves, we offer them that choice as well as the choice of convenience so they needn't lift a finger and can leave the entire process to us. All they need to do is bring their pets to the vet - this is recommended, as your pet will feel less stressed with you than a stranger. Nonetheless, if appointments are hard to come by, we recommend services like in LA for travel specific veterinary appointment bookings.


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