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Measuring your pup for his/her travel crate

Throughout the process of preparing your pet for his/her move, we'll get to the step where we determine if the travel crate you have or will purchase is going to be suitable for your pet. Airlines are very particular about it fitting your pet well, as you should be too!

The crate should allow your pet to be able to travel and rest in it safely, rather than cause it stress and discomfort.

Here in this email screenshot, we have a client who sent us pictures of their pup taken inside the travel crate and the squirmy fella wasn't helping us make a proper assessment. A picture speaks a thousand words and here we show how a dog nose and butt should be within the inner sections of the travel crate. Disclaimer: This dog to travel crate ratio is cutting it a little close. If you are measuring your pup yourself in this way, make sure he/she's well within. Here we have model sansa wearing her bespoke collar from the LePaw collection, framed by the Petmate Giant Kennel measuring 48x32x35".

Concurrently, we're ensuring our clients know that we are always on standby during your vet appointments no matter the time zone to help you answer those confusing questions from the vet.


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